Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Apologies for the lack of blog for the last few days, the Internet went off mid-Downton Abbey on Sunday and I was at the Politics Society bar crawl last night so didn't have time to post! The polsoc bar crawl was brilliant and confirmed my belief that our department does the best t-shirt graffiti - best examples included ''Liam Fox is my best mate too'' - even if a friend did confess in drunkenness that the guy he lives with fancies me. He's lovely and everything but just not in that way! Made the rest of the night quite awkward to be fair, plus I'm campaigning with him for the Union Parliament elections :/


Speaking of, the voting was today so I spent the entire morning - 10 til 1 anyway - freezing my hands off attempting to hand out leaflets to a disinterested student body. I know I'm guaranteed a win - 24 candidates for 30 seats will give you that kind of confidence - but I'd love to get a decent amount of votes and beat the guys I ran with. Especially the annoyingly attractive chair of Labour Students (unfortunately not the guy who apparently fancies me - damn you Fate!).


I'm writing this post from my bedroom as my house has been invaded by a house party. Now I like house parties, much better than clubs in my opinion, but not when they're in my house! I worry too much about stuff being broken/stolen/vomited on. I was invited to two friends houses to escape but decided to stay in and protect my room, I'm the only one who lives on the ground floor and my door doesn't lock so there's not a snowflakes chance in Hell that I would return to an untouched room!

I'm going to take advantage of everyone forgetting I'm in the house and get an early night for the first time in a fortnight. Night people xx

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