Sunday, 2 October 2011

Round and round and round

Did fuck all yesterday, watched the news and a dozen episodes of Friends while the housemates were at work/spending their student loans (unwisely in my opinion but I'm considered the sensible (ie. boring) one in our house so they tend to ignore me). I got weirdly moody when they got back so I thought the best thing to do would be to leave the house, I had my first late night library session of the year :) To be fair it wasn't really a library session, there was no revision or reading to speak of I just caught up on QI and panicked a bit while two tweeps tried to persuade me to go to the doctors over my twitching, fidgeting and random moods. I've been living with the twitching for ten years, I haven't cared enough to go to the doctor before I'm not worrying about it now.

Came home from the library when the housemates called me to say they were watching a movie if I wanted to watch. So we sat and watched Sophie's Choice without subtitles, we have no real clue what happened as much of the important scenes are in German or Polish :/ Then Roisin rebelled against the film by making Sims of all of us our house and moving them into Uni so now we have a second virtual life. She also spent a good ten minutes singing songs from Cabaret.

Roisin and I tried to avoid the lure of a takeaway breakfast this morning which I feel we can say we technically did but only because we put of ordering until 1230 therefore we really ordered lunch :P

Hopefully we're going to put my IKEA drawers up today, I'm determined to be unpacked by the end of Freshers!!!

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