Tuesday, 4 October 2011

(see yesterday's imaginative title)

I was supposed to meet a mate off my course at half ten but somehow managed to sleep through three alarms and a text message and not actually wake up until quarter past. Had to shower as quickly as possible when the water's minus 10 and somehow got to uni just after eleven. The second mooch round freshers fair got me signed up to the Public Speaking society, the Leicester Model UN and grabbed a form to fill in for the Languages@Leicester program. Gonna fill the form and hand it in tomorrow hopefully!


Afternoon was a bit of a write-off, bit like the last month really. Intended to unpack, thought about upacked, watched shit on the tele instead. I did meet the same friend again though and we went to a debate on student activism which was quite interest if a little irritating. General anti-Lib Dem feeling managed to pervade the event which is annoying but not unexpected when one of your panelists is Aaron Porter. I'm far too tired to explain what went on, plus someone is coming to (hopefully) fix the boiler at 830am so I'm going to have to be up early.

Night folks x

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