Sunday, 9 October 2011

Busy Busy (not)

Managed to do a shit load of nothing today: I got out of bed, watched an entire Dara O'Brien gig on YouTube and cooked a sausage pie. I actually can't wait until I get back into lectures tomorrow so I have something more than 'watched tv' to say on this bloody blog! Double 'Governance and Politics in the UK' tomorrow, two hours apart in the lecture theatre next door which is utterly ridiculous but the makers of my timetable seem to be hell-bent on ruining my week so I suppose I shall have to deal with it :/


Now the first week of Freshers is over I've started getting emails about the societies I signed up to about their first meetings. This does mean that on Tuesday I have a meeting at 5pm in Attenborough One about working for the uni radio station, 6pm in Attenborough Two for the Labour Party Society and 7pm in Attenborough One for Leicester Model UN. I may as well just sit in the corridor outside the Attenborough lecture theatres and get them to leave the doors open and speak loudly! I'm not going to the Politics bar crawl though, a mate from my course has suggested an alernative bar crawl at our own pace and 'round some better bars since the organised ones are fast as hell and downing two drinks quickly and moving on to the next club isn't her idea of fun, or mine!

Lib Dems on Twitter have been floating the idea of Paddy Ashdown as new Defence Secretary given that Liam Fox appears to have got himself into a shit load of trouble. This would be absolutely fantastic as Paddy is brilliant and he is probably one of the best foreign policy minds the Coalition has, certainly better than William Hague! But he's a former leader on the junior coalition partner, a member of the Lords with a vast experience in politics and a man almost universally adored by all Liberal Democrats so I feel David Cameron is highly unlikely to want to be head of the Cabinet that contains a man so unlikely to tow the line.


Another political story, Chris Huhne has apologised to Theresa May for briefing against her. Lets be honest if a conference address by an opposition party member turns out to be utter bullshit and a dramatic misrepresentation of the facts, attracting attention across the media spectrum, and then it turns out that this story was lifted directly from a far right party speech who wouldn't casually point it out to a newspaper! May has shown her incompetence through 'Catgate' and Huhne is not a member of her party and has not reason to back her over this idiotic mistake. Any reshuffle should leave him well alone!

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