Thursday, 6 October 2011

Think Different

Went into uni yesterday for the introductory lecture, basically a work hard, don't plagiarise kind of talk, then tried to register for Russian which turned out to be harder than expected. They've cancelled the Monday night lesson because no-one was signing up for it but the only other session was on a Wednesday when I'm supposed to be at Rainbows. Luckily I emailed the Rainbow leader apologising profusely but asking if I could change units which luckily she let me do so I went back to pay for the course today and I start my second Rainbow unit inside a month on Tuesday.

Wednesday nights in Leicester mean Red Leicester at the O2. Since its freshers week they actually got someone in rather than the usual DJ so off our house trotted to mingle with the Freshers and relive our youth with a bit of 5ive :D Turns out it was just a 'bit' of 5ive, two to be precise, and they only did like half an hour but they must be getting on a bit now and it was a good night anyway so we'll forgive them! I had to go even if it was cheesy 90s pop, 5ive were the first band I ever saw live - not something I readily admit I assure you - even if it was against my will. Rest assured I made up for the faultering start to my gigging life, the next two live concerts I went to were Elton John and The Who so I feel I regained some must needed credibility there!

Our return from the O2 was complicated slightly by the fact we had a housemates girlfriend who, when drunk, insists on kicking everything in sight. Including to her chargin and my amusement a metal bin and an oak tree. When we finally got her home there was another strange half hour where we had to pursuade her going to bed was a good idea and she shouldn't try and snog the all her girlfriend's housemates. As I was going to bed Beth asked me who Steve Jobs was as someone on Facebook said he was dead. So at 3am this morning I learnt probably the greatest technical mind of the 20th and 21st centuries had passed away. When he stepped down as CEO fully my first thought was that his illness must have gotten worse and I didn't think I've even been less glad of being right in my life. I've read a bucket load of obits online - fittingly on my iPod - and flicked through all the pictures of the post-its on Apple shops and the word 'bye' carved into an apple left outside the LA store (which made me ridiculously emotional but I'm blaming hormones (they have to be good for something!)) and I've come to the conclusion that Tim Cook has a massive job on his hands but that he will be able to accomplish it without fail because Apple the company it is today because Steve Jobs never gave up on it.

On the off chance anyone cared what my favourite picture from today was it's this one >

And you've probably all seen the videos for his Stanford commencement speech or the 'think different' adds, if you haven't stick them on on YouTube they're well worth a watch!

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