Thursday, 22 September 2011

Failure to communicate

Apologies for the lack of a blog post yesterday but I get distracted by having to get a train home from conference that split in two at Shrewsbury and I had a rather large fear I would end up in Wales :/

I didn't and I'm in Chester visiting mate number two for the weekend :D


Yesterday was pretty fun though, good morning debate on the Liberal response to the Arab awakening followed by Michael Moore's speech which I must admit I drifted off in the middle of and started reading the paper. The Q&A on international issues was good though, I get picked first yet again to ask someone I admire a question! Luckily Paddy Ashdown is much less terrifying than Nick Clegg - it's the favourite grandad kind of image I think - and there were considerably less people in the hall given it was 1030am the morning after Glee Club!

The rest of the day was dominated by Mr Clegg's speech which I thought stuck the perfect balance between painful honesty over the economic situation and hope for the future with the odd joke thrown in to cheer us up!

I'm trying to write this whilst watching Question Time and suffering extremely because of it. Harriet Harman is becoming increasingly fixed in my mind as a shrill woman who for some strange reason thinks having a separate conference for women helps deliver equality. Ian Hislop, as much as he is a very witty man, cannot be asked for an opinion on economic recovery! The leader of Mumsnet should not be listened to any topic unless it involves rusks or baby-gro.

One thing I have been taught this week is that journalists are infinitely capable of twisting quotes to the point where they are almost unrecognisable. I was already aware of this fact but having spent a week at conferece and sat through and listened to many if not most of the speeches and debates in question I was unable to sit and read the papers or watch Paxman or Dimbleby quote speeches back at politicians in an entirely different context to which they were said. It's so irritating! It has certainly increased the amount of shouting I've done at the tv this week!!

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