Tuesday, 20 September 2011


There are many things that I would love to share about how fantastic the conference was today but I don't think I currently have the wherewithal to write it all up. Pretty much the only thing in my mind right now are the phrases 'I met David Laws' and 'David Laws signed my Orange Book'.

It has already been pointed out by me in this very blog that I have a ridiculous amount of respect for David Laws and finding out he was speaking at a fringe event I wanted to attend today did make it even more appealing. However I'm not a particularly forthright person; once you get to know me I'll probably never shut up again but I find it have hard to make the first move towards conversation. But the second fringe event I was attending this evening was in the same room as the first so I hung around after the first one finished, waiting for people to leave so I could sit down again. David Laws was chatting to a few people and I wished I was brave enough to just do that, then I realised a follower of mine on Twitter who shares my admiration for the man would never forgive me if I didn't make something of the opportunity so I thought 'bugger it, I'm off to say hi'. Turns out I'm not as shy as I thought, he's perfectly lovely and was happy to chat and didn't at all mind (as far as I could tell) obliging my geeky request for him to sign my copy of The Orange Book :D

This clearly put me on a bit of a roll as after the second fringe I chatted to the chair of the joint LGBT+ Lib Dems/Stonewall event I went to yesterday and thanked him for it then congratulated one of my MEPs who was speaking at the event on his defection to the Liberal Democrats after a regrettable period of Conservatism.

I'm sure other things have happened in my day but I'm far too excited to remember any of them!!

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