Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I would walk 500 miles...

Okay so maybe not 500 miles but it does seem like I've done a lot of walking in the last 24 hours. After protesting all day that I didn't want to go to a house party I eventually gave in (damn persistent housemates) and so we walked the 25 minutes to their house. I had realised even before the end of my street that sandals were not the best option but it was that or heels so I went with what I perceived to be the better option. 4 hours of drinking later someone decided we should walk to ASDA; a good half hour (uphill) walk seems a lot less after a bottle of peach schnapps :/ Then we had to walk the hour back to our house by which time the housemate and I collapsed in a pile and didn't consider moving for a good while.

The same housemate and I thought it would be a good idea to trek into town (uphill) this afternoon in jumpers because although we may be heading for one of the warmest Octobers on record we were a bit hung over and therefore weren't thinking properly. So we walked another hour+ round trip, this time in the boiling sun, to get a parcel from the Post Office depot and set up our TV/Internet/phone with Virgin.

I feel like we deserve some kind of alcohol for our walking efforts, unfortunately we drank it all last night :|


One housemate has to be designated the main tenant for the property we're living in, unfortunately the one who volunteered is an utter failure when it comes to organisation of any kind. She is incapable of being firm with a landlady and given that we've lived here one month and we've only had a dozen hot showers between us because we only had hot water for a 6 day period it is fundamentally necessary to be firm with her! The landlady insists on getting people she knows to come fix things so so far two plumber mates have come to look at the boiler only to tell us we need a gas-electrician and they aren't qualified to do anything. Her excuse is that we didn't tell her these things (even though we have) and I'm getting very close to the point where I just start shouting at people. We're written an official letter to her and given a copy to the lettings agency so they can keep one but if it doesn't get sorted soon I may well just move into a hotel. Luckily I got a job this summer so I can afford to do that even if I'd rather not, this is unlike the lead tenant who pisses money she doesn't have up the wall like it's going out of fashion and who had to extend her overdraft and borrow from her parents to pay the rent and then went out and spend half the weeks rent on a build-a-bear and a jumper.

So if you hear of a student going on an angry rampage in Leicester from a lack of hot water and unpaid bills that's probably me...

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