Monday, 26 September 2011

I couldn't manage more than 24 hours in the house before I cleaned up. I filled a bin bag with magazines, letters, general paper, bottles and other crap the housemates had left all over the living room floor, tidied the eight - 8!! - pairs of shoes that were hanging around and did the week's worth of washing up that had been piling up in the kitchen. I refused to clean the kitchen worktops or the cooker which are covered in bread, cheese and grease respectively but no doubt they won't disappear before the next time I snap and clean up after everyone.

We've finally met our neighbours, well three of them, and they seem quite nice. I must admit we were hoping for some attractive men who could be called upon to open jars or kill spiders from time to time but they seem like nice girls. We've been invited round for drinks tonight but we're too poor to go out out so pre-drinks then going straight back to ours while everyone else goes out seemed a bit miserable!

My evening thus far has been spent Goolging pictures of topless men in the hunt for pictures for my mate's birthday card. The miracles of Moonpig mean he is now going to received a card detailing his past relationships with Russell Tovey (naked photo), Danny Miller (strategically positioned towel), Colin Morgan and Bradley James (clothed, unfortunately) before showing a current picture of him clinging to a lovely Gaydar Angel wearing only some time silver pants at Manchester Pride a few weeks back. Along with the US Queer as Folk box set I've bought him as a gift, I feel I have probably bought the best present I could conceivably have come up with :D


I feel like I should chuck the odd bit of politics in today after a slight lapse post-LibDemConf. Apparently 57% of people don't see Ed Miliband as a credible Prime Minister and I must say I also fall into that category. While he appears to be one of the more reasonable members of the Labour Party, his inability to control the tribalism of his shadow cabinet - see Ed Balls - or the members of his party in general doesn't fill me with confidence for his political future.

It could be suggested that Labour's reforms with regards to the shadow cabinet, the move from appointment by the Leader rather than internal elections, will help give Ed control but I don't think it it bodes well that a political party has decided elections are an undesired event. They have also suggested that non-members should be allowed to play a part in the party's leadership elections which I can only assume were suggested by David Miliband and adopted by Ed under the influence of alcohol. There is no way Ed would be in the position he is now if non-members had more of an influence over the leadership!

This conference will once again have an undertone of sibling rivalry. David has said he doesn't want to detract attention from his brother, merely to help the party, but by popping in and out of the spotlight he draws more attention to himself and the failed leadership bid than he would have if he had simply entered the shadow cabinet alongside his brother. One finds it difficult to believe David thinks his leadership hopes are over and it's hard to shake the sense he would happily step in, should his brother fail.

Anyways more politics tomorrow! Mili-E steps up to the podium to make his keynote speech and I shall be listening intently (and trying not to fall asleep)

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