Thursday, 29 September 2011

I will survive

Managed to waste the entire morning by not waking up til gone half twelve. I really needed to get up and put together the IKEA chest of drawers I bought so I could unpack before my mother arrives tomorrow, not such luck clearly! She's just have to deal with the fact her daughter can't unpack!
When I did get out of bed I found that no-one had washed up (again) and got ridiculously angry but as a pathetic English person didn't shout at my housemates I just washed up for them... I still refuse to clean the worktops or the oven though.

Had my induction at work which wasn't so bad. There's six of us new people, five women and a bloke, and apparently we'll get 3-4 shifts a week which is good considering it's seven quid an hour. God love council work :D I'm hoping I can work as many shifts as possible, mainly because the money would be nice but also so I can avoid nights out because I'm busy :)


I would usually be watching BBC Question Time but I really can't be bothered so if anything interesting happens (which I doubt) do please let me know :)

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