Thursday, 8 September 2011

Failure to launch

I woke up this morning to the news that the government are repealing the blanket ban on MSM blood donation. Obviously this is a fabulous move in the right direction but a) it's nowhere near enough and b) it comes a week before the Lib Dems were going to going to debate it at conference. I realise we still can, the ban is still discriminatory and not 100% based on science, but I still feel like we're been robbed of something.

Finally managed to get the housemates to understand the urgency of visiting the bank to get our house account set up only to get there and have the manager tell us we needed to make an appointment a week in advance. Hopefully by next Thursday we'll be in a position to pay our rent but somehow I doubt it! There is a possibility that if Jenni and I had managed to get out of bed before noon we may have sorted more things out today but what can you do when your housemate gets into your bed at 10am dressed in a tiger onesie? She doesn't half look cute with it on bless her. I really should unpack though as I have lived in the new house now for three days and I've so far only unpacked textbooks and DVDs :|

One result of the lack of organisation on behalf of my housemates is that I have had to fund a TV licence off my own back. Now this isn't a problem as I actually went out this summer (and last) and got a job and earned money that I save and don't spend on copious amounts of alcohol but I can't help but think I'm going to have to remind them to pay me so often that I'll sound like I'm just demanding money from them :/ They are perfectly happy to watch TV without one but my paranoia about breaking the law coupled with my love of the BBC and need to fund it in some way meant I just couldn't deal with not having one. Now we have TV channels we don't pay for (don't panic, someone else does) that we finally watch legally.

Meaning they best not want to watch anything tonight as I'm watching BBC Question Time!!

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