Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Late night musing on the world stage

First blog post and it's being written while I'm revising for an exam I passed months ago. Technically I'm hoping someone else, who forgets when their exam is!! I had planned to go to the pub tonight and go round to his tomorrow for the whole day to help him revise but now him and his boyfriend are sat in my living room talking about the legitimacy of humanitarian interventions and the risk to international relations of climate change and nuclear weapons. Who said students don't have intellectual debates!

On a political front, Parliament today voted down the Dorries Field amendment to the new Health Bill. Thank God! I'm a Liberal so I have absolutely no problems with someone saying they want abortions limited or banned or whatever and would frankly actively defend your right to say that but I absolutely contend Nadine Dorries' definition of 'independent'. Saying the only 'independent' counselling services are ones which themselves do not offer abortions is ridiculous, if they don't them it's more likely than not to be for religious reasons so how is that independent! In addition to that, Dorries claims to be pro-choice. I am pro-choice and I do not want to be clubbed together with that woman. She claimed 'no woman ever wants an abortion': bull shit! Not all of the 200,000 women who had an abortion last year were forced into it, a small percentage were possibly pressured but I doubt extra counselling would have helped. At least it was voted down - with the largest ever majority on an abortion vote as well.

Slightly aside from Westminster politics by Liberal Democrat conference pass hasn't arrive yet and I'm starting to get a bit angsty about it. I thought it would arrive in late August so I put my address down as my home address but now I've come back to uni, my mum promised to post it to me but I'm worried it won't arrive it time. What the hell do I do if it doesn't turn up?!? :/

I've just realised this background looks a bit ultra-nationalist. Worried now that it gives out a quite UKIP-style message, not exactly what I was looking for!

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