Saturday, 10 September 2011

That odd melancholy feeling

I've actually had a bit of a miserable day. Not for any specific reason either; nothing terrible has happened but I've just been a bit down. You know that kind of general feeling of shitty, can't be bothered to move just want to curl up in bed sort of feeling? I have no motivation to do anything, including unpack, and I've just sat around the house all day not doing anything. Well I cooked a lasagna but that was a bit of a failure too; the cheese sauce wouldn't thicken and I've probably ruined my pan in the process but Jenni ate some and she hasn't dropped dead yet so we'll assume while it wasn't my best lasagna, it wasn't altogether a disaster.

Tomorrow I WILL
  • unpack - I've been here a week so it's a bit pathetic that I haven't done it yet
  • sort out my job forms - I need to wait until Monday though as the medical form they emailed me won't load and there's no way I'm putting my passport in the post
  • finish writing my letter to Liz Kendall - I haven't got a strong desire to work for a Labour MP but living in Leicester where the council is 52 Labour, one Tory, one Lib Dem and all three MPs plus the elected Mayor are Labour there isn't a fabulous amount of choice!
I'm also a bit fed up with my (lack of) social life. I hate clubs and drinking outside of pubs so I never go out; I'm not the sort of person to do something I don't want to do because everyone else is doing it, but as a result I seem to have a lot less friends than everyone else. The guys I live with are always talking about people they go out with and I'm just sat there thinking 'I've no clue what the hell you're talking about'. Plus my best mate has an ex that she's not sure about texting her and yesterday said she was grateful for my advice; baring in mind I'm the only permanently single person she knows. My advice is apparently very good but I've no idea how because I've never actually been on a date so god knows where this agony-aunt genius has come from!

Apologies for the downpour a misery; I just needed it out of my system!


And it's Monza tomorrow :D

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