Friday, 16 September 2011

I've run out of quote/song-lyric/poetry inspired titles...

Completely forgot to post yesterday! Mainly due to the excitement of watching the final episode of Torchwood with an over-excited housemate who forced me to watch the 5 episodes I was behind in one afternoon so that I would be ready to watch the final episode at 9pm. It was totally worth it though; John Barrowman got his kit off, Rex survived and I managed to ignore Gwen's shrill voice so all was well :) This was followed by what can only be described as THE most boring Question Time I have ever watched; monotone voices and boring questions combined to make it very difficult to watch/stay awake throughout!


Today however I was up bright and early (having panic packed yesterday), showered and took delivery of some drawers the housemate and I had orders to compensate for the lack of storage space in our uni house. Booked taxi to the train station and apart from my bag strap breaking as I was on my way out the door I managed to get to my Liberal Democrat Conference accommodation (my mate's sofa) without too much trouble. I've planned all the ICC and Fringe events I want to go to so now all I have to do is read the policy documents for the debates I'm going to and contact my home party and see when they're about so I don't feel so ridiculously alone!

Makes it sound so simple ay?

Will be reporting back tomorrow on opening speeches, Lords reform plans, a speech by Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone and the Conference First Timers welcome drinks :)

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